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Fri Jul 24, 2015 9:02 am

  • This early on I'm only looking for a handful of people:

    Developers - Not asking for PHP/Lua or even HTML/CSS at this stage, as I can handle that, just the ability to make use of wiki markup to do some basic formatting of what's contributed (tables being a major requirement).

    Contributors - At the start I'm looking for a single one each of the class / dungeon / bg pages to base formatting templates on, so that the remaining pages can be created to the same standard without them needing so much formatting work. Once the front page articles are done, other topics can be worked on (I'm itching to write guides on multiboxing F2Ps).

    For now:
    1. I'm not yet familiar with phpBB, so I want to limit the number of members I'll need to manage at the start.
    2. Registration on this site has been set to 'only after admin acceptance'.
    3. I'm only accepting applications from existing members with a history of F2P twinking, or veteran twinking.
    4. Reply to the My New Project thread on twinkinfo before submitting an application here, so I can get an idea of what you want to do.
    5. The forums here can be used to discuss how the site will initially be developed, and subforums / categories can be added to support this on request (there are already a whole lot of other sections for later use, but they're currently hidden).

    Looking forward to working on this with you all,

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