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Fri Jul 24, 2015 2:39 am

  • This site is intended to operate as a community resource for World of Warcraft players using Starter Edition accounts. Those being either yet-to-be-upgraded trial accounts, or accounts that have no active game time.

    So as not to tread on the toes of the people Twinkinfo.com, this site's focus will differ from theirs. Twinking will be covered, as far as it applies to level 20, in the form of gear lists and class builds, but the majority of content will be aimed at new players working their way up to a 20 endgame, and those who may not want to spend months gearing up a character in order to play Battlegrounds or Arenas. There won't be a forum section here for twinking, just referrals to TI. Initially the forum as a whole will be aimed towards site development. Building a community will come later once a solid foundation is in place.

    Instead I'd like to have the PvP focus here be about building a set of gear for each class and spec, that allows them all to compete on equal terms (or at least have the number of stronger and weaker specs be roughly equal for them all). The goal is minimum effort to get a set of gear (which is compatible with any alternately enchanted gear sets a 20 may have for twink games), and maximum choice when it comes to what is viable to play. That should give new players easier access to PvP, and make the F2P side of Starter Edition more popular, even if it has to mostly abandon twinking in the process.

    Where Wowpedia is comprehensive, the idea here is to cover the basics that are most important to a new player, or someone staying at 20. We can always provide links to more in depth resources for any subject.
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